about us

We are the Remke family: Drew, Jordan, Keadryn, Sayla, and Evie.

Here’s a little bit of our story:

Drew graduated from Texas A&M and Jord graduated from Texas Tech.

After much hesitation (on both parts) Drew and Jord met on a blind date in September 2002.

We were married in August 2003

Again, with much hesitation (on Drew’s part) we lived in Lubbock when we first got married. After 3 years, we moved to the UAE to learn Arabic.

Keadryn was born in May 2007 in the UAE.

We moved back to Lubbock in July 2007.

Sayla was born in September 2008.

Evie was born January 2011.

Life is crazy in the house of 4 girls and 1 boy. . . really crazy. . .but really good too!

We live in the beautiful and welcoming Arabian Peninsula. Life here is different than life in the U.S. in many ways, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything and love living here!

Some random things we love:
coffee shops, traveling, photography, the outdoors, football, ethnic food, family drives, cooking, rain, brisket barbeque, evie’s cheeks, trips to the beach, sonic happy hour, people watching, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, languages, hummus, our families, keadryn’s spunkiness, sayla’s sweet spirit, meeting new people, hosting parties, travel books, skype…

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