a losing battle…

in the epic battle of sayla vs. hair….

…the hair is totally winning.

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4 Responses to a losing battle…

  1. Carla Ludwig says:

    At some point, the bangs will be long enough to pull back in a ponytail! Hold on….you are almost there…..DON”T give in and cut them!

    It looks like Sayla could care less :)

  2. Kedran K says:

    Oh, Jordan – Sayla is such a doll and free spirit. I especially love the red boots on the wrong feet! And the hair – cracks me up. Like your mom says – hang in there – it will grow!! How are the bangs on Keadryn working out? Give all the girls a hug – love you tons

  3. Chrissy Carpenter says:

    LOVE the boots!

  4. Tricia Ludwig says:

    Jord, I love her. It’s the bang battle every girl goes through at some point in her life. (And btw, her outfit is super cute :) )