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spring break

Hi friends. Rememeber my promise to update the blog more? Well…sorry about that. I have kind of been in a photography slump lately. My poor 4th child just sits in my bag untouched and unloved for days on end. I’m … Continue reading

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my girls

Just wanted to write a little update on my girlies. Thankfully, everyone has been doing well and getting back into routine. The big girls are in school again and loving it. I mean, they really do love it. When we … Continue reading

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some qt on the beach

As much fun as it is to see family and friends, 2 months of being with loved ones nonstop left us pretty “peopled” out. We got home to the most amazing weather our country has to offer and were dying … Continue reading

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the blog hiatus

So you may have noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet lately. I’m not really sure why. I have been documenting life daily through photos (pretty sure the total of edited photos for 2012 is close to 7,000…). I … Continue reading

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a couple more.

Just a couple more of my favorite moments from the trip back to Colorado. mobile bet365 Lots of sister time. The glorious wonderful mountains in the fall. The 2 hour drive to and from grandpa’s was beautiful and such great … Continue reading

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Sometimes I see a picture like this and I get a tight feeling in my chest. Time has rushed by and, all of a sudden, I see two beautiful girls. بيان ماتش My babies are gone; they are kids. بلبل … Continue reading

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Guys, everytime I sit down and try to write about my trip home, I end up with a blank page staring back at me.  My heart is heavy. For those who don’t know, Evie and I got on an airplane … Continue reading

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celebrating sayla grace.

I don’t know if it is a middle child thing, or maybe the fact that her birthday is also the beginning of school, or just a time when we are super busy, but Sayla’s birthday hasn’t always been a huge … Continue reading

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more summer.

Moving on with summer…We got back from Prague right smack in the middle of 120+ degree weather and Ramadan. Holidays are an interesting time to be an outsider. For locals, Ramadan is a time of festivity, family, special food, special … Continue reading

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day trip to karlstejn

I know that this trip took place over 3 months ago. لعبة البوكر اون لاين I know that I have been really really sparse in updating the blog. I know that there are only 3 people that read this anymore (Hi … Continue reading

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