dying eggs

I seriously love the egg dying tradition. When the stars align just right and I get to dye eggs with my family…its a thousand times better! This year we got an extra bonus and two of my aunts we there to help us dye eggs as well. My mom always claims that we got our “crafty gene” from my dad’s sisters…so they are excellent crafting buddies. I am pretty sure we dyed 9 1/2 dozen eggs! It was a blast.

The “best egg” for sure goes to kirst’s blue striped egg. She used melted wax to make the stripes (top middle). Isn’t she a clever one?

See you next year, egg dying.

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One Response to dying eggs

  1. Vic says:

    Fun memories of dying eggs together. My mom sent an egg dying kit this year but it didn’t arrive in time. Got a call from the P.O. today that I have a package so maybe that’s it. The staff at the P.O. here & I are on first name basis (not really, but I do get a personal call when I get a package! How’s that for service!) We’ll be dying eggs this weekend if it came in, even if it is a bit late. So what did you do with 9 1/2 dz eggs?!?