oh, that’s a keeper

My little sis recently asked how we got a picture of our family where all three kids were looking at the camera. The answer is: rapid shooting! Kirst was so kind to take about 250 photos (seriously) in a 10 minute span while my bro-in-law waved jelly beans and danced behind the camera… all with the hope that just one of them would be fridge worthy. I generally don’t love “posed” photography, but while getting ready to move overseas we are wanting at least one picture that we can give to family and friends. However, I think in years to come I will cherish the out-takes more than the actual “keeper”.

here are a few that made me laugh:

and the winner of the Family Picture 2011 is…

Thanks Adam and Kirstin for all your crazy antics to help us get a picture of our fam!

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2 Responses to oh, that’s a keeper

  1. jennifer says:

    yay for outtakes!!! you guys make me smile!

  2. Carla Ludwig says:

    the final picture IS a “keeper” but then again, I think that all of them could have been a “keeper” (what do I know?)

    love, mom