lots of life

Hi friends. Its been awhile, I know. We have been busy and crazy. We sold our house, moved in with friends and started our 10,000 mile roadtrip before moving overseas! Here are a couple of pictures of the last month or so to get you up to date…

moving out of the house:

Celebrating the 4th

Getting bigger…and being silly.

Harry Potter Premiere (with 20 friends in matching shirts)

Starting the 10,000 mile roadtrip…

…quick stop in Salt Lake City…

…on through Idaho…

with a whole lot of this:

and this:

That last one is night driving. OK you are for the most part caught up! Now I can share fun Oregon coast pictures with you. YAY!

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One Response to lots of life

  1. steph says:

    Hey! Great to hear from you and see some photos (= love the before and after shot of the house (= It seems amazing that it sold so fast….good story there? The road trip pictures – we are on the road here in Germany and I so identify (= I bet you have all sorts of little tricks and fun things up your sleeve! We play a game called “where am I hiding?” Lj doesn’t totally get it, but she can still play. One person picks a place they are hiding and you have to ask Yes/No questions. Half the entertainment is the twist that 3/4 year old girls put on the game (= I’m hiding under a ladybug’s wing or a miniature gold throne (?!?!?) Tell me if you try it and how it goes!