Friends, I am not a very good blogger. Thank you to the 10 of you that have loyally read the blog for years and put up with my wishy-washy ways.

Moving on. Our next stop on the tour-de-western-america was Seattle. I just love the Northwest.

We hung out down by the water with Uncle Dan. (As a side note, Keadryn and Sayla LOVED clam chowder…they keep asking when we are going to eat “fish soup” again):

We walked around Pikes Place Market:

Took some pictures of lovely Shanna (who is expecting their first in about a month!)

Went blueberry picking:

aaaand once again, ended up on a beach. Good thing we are moving close to the beach, because the girls love it.:

Thanks Dan and Shanna for a wonderful visit! Next up- Northern Idaho!

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2 Responses to Seattle

  1. Georgia says:

    Love the blueberry pics!!

  2. Sara Griffin says:

    Oh my goodness… I love the Pacific Northwest. I would love to somehow live up there. These are fabulous pics – you are all having a great family adventure this summer! I hope we get to see you before y’all head over to the other beach! :)
    I’m not the greatest blogger anymore either, but I love that we at least can keep up (somewhat) with each other through our blogs (and Facebook). We’ve only been around each other a handful of times, but I still feel that we’ve got a sort of kindred spirit amongst us. Love to you all!!