a trip to the date farm

Last weekend we had a lovely outing with some friends. We were in search of a wadi. Whats a wadi, you say? Well, really, its just Arabic for valley, but ’round these parts it generally means a valley with water. SO, we drove out of town, then down a dirt road, then when the road ended we started to walk through a date farm, which was fabulously green…and then the path got a bit narrow… and there was a 6 story drop…and we had five kids 4 and under…and I imagined a certain three year old, who trips standing still, plummeting to her death…So, we opted for a nice lunch in the date farm.

It was a lovely outing, and nice to get outside in the gorgeous weather and see some green.

And on the way home cars were at a complete stop on the highway because these guys were hogging the road :

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