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Just wanted to write a little update on my girlies. Thankfully, everyone has been doing well and getting back into routine. The big girls are in school again and loving it. I mean, they really do love it. When we were moving here, school is what gave me the most anxiety and our first daycare school was such a disaster, but this school has been such a blessing to us! Both girls love their teachers, have great friends and are learning a ton! What more could we ask for?
Oh, and Kead has several loose teeth/ teeth growing in! Did you even know that could happen?? It is so bizarre- the grown up teeth are growing in behind the baby teeth, but the baby teeth haven’t fallen out yet. So weird! Uncle/Dentist Adam says its pretty common and not to pull the baby teeth if they aren’t ready…but I am a teensy bit sad to not have the classic toothless smile pic. :)

She is just getting so big.

Sayla is also doing great and (I assume) all is well in her own world. We sit outside her door and listen to her from time to time; talking to herself, talking to her stuffed animals, singing, talking to Sonny and Bunny (fully Sayla’s friends now)…she makes us giggle so much and I love her spirit. She also came home with a near perfect report card. We were wondering how so much time in “La La Land” was affecting her at school, but she is doing great there too!

The big girls have also re-started ballet class and are having a great time. And I just love the little ruffles and buns and ballet shoes. I think I take a picture of them every time before they go to class because I just never get over the cuteness!
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Evie is starting to talk a ton and that is so much fun. She turned two in January and we had a really really simple party here. (We had a big party in denver).  I am just loving this stage of life with her! While Drew is at work and the bigs are at school, we get to hang out together and I cherish it. She is so spunky and funny and such a joy.

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