remke girls

I was looking through pictures the other night and was blown away at how much our kids all look alike at this stage! Holy moly they look similar. I think Evie looks a tad more like Keadryn, but she also looks a lot like Sayla with those cheeks!

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4 Responses to remke girls

  1. Peggy Remke says:

    Maybe Evie will have red hair and then you will have one of each. They do all look alike but yet you can see Keadryn and Sayla’s little faces and you can tell the difference. Too sweet all three.

  2. How adorable! They could be triplets at that age!!

  3. love this! miss you guys a ton..

  4. Julie Eyhorn says:

    And you’re taking all those babies away. Good thing I love Jesus too.