I hate getting “behind” on the ol’ blog posting. It is overwhelming. Thing have been crazy around here. . . good, but crazy. We are thankful for the crazy season and loving our little family of five! Here is a smattering of things that have happened in the last couple months.

A visit from keje and easton was so so good.

A quick trip to Dallas was refreshing and the girls had so.much.fun. staying with Granny and Pops for a couple days while we went to Austin.

Evie is doing great! She is getting chunkier, starting to smile and coo. . . oh yeah and sleeping 8 hours at night! Amen for that!

Other than that we are just taking life one day at a time. Tea parties in the backyard, learning to write names, LOTS of posing for the camera (the girls are great subjects for the 365) and taking the few less crazy moments to breath and enjoy life as things wind up in the LBK… I can’t believe we only have a few months left!

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  1. Kristin says:

    Your girls are so stink’n cute!!! And I love seeing Kedron with her baby!!