Any mom knows this about her kids, but Kead has many different cries and they all require different responses.

fit-cry: Ugh. This cry is loud, out-of-control, irrational. I loathe this cry. It The response to this cry is discipline, every time. (Our system is a green/yellow/red system and big fits automatically get her on “red”)

hurt-cry: No mom likes this cry. Keadryn is pretty tough, so when she does cry from getting hurt you know its bad. The response with this cry is comfort. Call it pure maternal instinct, but I just want hold her, kiss her and make it better.

shy-cry: This one is a tough one for us. Drew and I score about as high as you can on the “extrovert” portion on the myers-brigg. We like being with people, meeting new people, and are generally ok in large crowds. Kead has some problems with large groups of people she doesn’t know and often cries when new people talk to her. My response to this cry? Safety. I try not to make too big of a deak about it, but whisper to Kead and let her know that things are ok, that she is safe. It generally clams her down. (Any other suggestions?!)

broken-cry: Oh man. The broken cry. This is the cry when someone hurts her feelings, when she misses someone, when things are hard. She tries to fight it, she starts blinking her eyes (like her dad) she even tries to smile…all the while tears are welling up in the corners of her eyes and then she gives in and starts sobbing. It kills me. My response to this cry? Yes comfort, yes safety. . . but most of all prayer. She will out grow the fit cry (for the most part…) hopefully she will stop crying when a strangers talk to her. But the broken cry will happen often. Mourning,fights with friends, hurt feelings, embarrassment, and heart break. Yuck! It causes me to pray that soon she would trust in Jesus and place her hope in him. That her suffering would produce endurance and her endurance would produce hope: Hope in Jesus that will not fail.

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