Hi friends! How’s it going? We are doing pretty good, just enjoying the longer days and trying to not complain about the wind. I actually have some “real” posts in the works…but as I was editing pictures I saw this one and thought I would pass some recommendations on to you:

Per Kelli, Sara, and Jen’s recommendation I started reading this book. So far, it’s fabulous. I’ll probably write more about it and my complaining heart later…but you should go buy it.

Per Keje’s recommendation this is my new Starbucks Drink: Trenta Iced Black Tea with coconut and no water (makes the tea stronger). TRY THIS DRINK TODAY. I know…tea with coconut doesn’t sound great. I was skeptical at first but am so happy for my Starbucks-Partner sister and her drink recommendation. Trust me, it is amazing. Kirst and I might have even passed on dinner and eaten cereal a couple nights in a row so that we could use our food budget to buy this drink. Definitely worth packing the kids in the car and making the trip to The Bucks. (…and coming from me that’s saying a lot!)

Hope you are all doing fabulous.

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2 Responses to recommendations

  1. Georgia says:

    I looove Ann Voskamp. It’s official then: I should read this book. So… coconut milk or coconut flavoring?

  2. Traci Jackson says:

    Jordan introduced me to the coconut black tea. It is pretty amazing. I had one a few days ago and have had to tell myself I can’t go get another.