a short list

1. Keadryn and Sayla started Ms. Brittany’s ballet class. They have been looking forward to it for a year and it did not disappoint. They LOVE it and I think they are the cutest ballerinas I have ever seen. Can’t wait for the recital!

2. Keadryn and Sayla also started going to a local preschool. The goal of them attending is to start hearing Arabic and learning to communicate. It’s not going great. The TV is on the whole time they are there (with English programming) and Keadryn hates it. She cries the whole time, which is totally not her regular personality, and says she can’t make friends until she learns some Arabic. I try to explain she won’t know Arabic until she makes friends, but that doesn’t seem to translate into 4 year old. We are optimistic that she will get settled soon. Just be praying that she can make at least one friend. Sayla is liking it and doesn’t seem to notice that no one speaks English. (Also,  I love this picture of them on their first day- mainly because several locals have mentioned to me how I need to dress them in warmer clothes for the “cold winter”. It was 85 degrees on this day, but I didn’t want their teachers to think I’m a horrible mom. haha)

3. Speaking of life here, we all LOVE the food. Eating out here is amazingly inexpensive (much cheaper than cooking) and so we have got to try several restraunts. Kead’s fav is the hummus and Sayla loves the chicken. Anyone have amazing eggplant recipes I need to try? They are in such abundance and I love the way they taste- but don’t know how to cook them!

4. We are feeling more settled in everyday. I promise there will be a “house tour” soon. As soon as Drew hangs up all the frames, decor, etc. Walls here are concrete so hanging a picture becomes a much bigger task than tapping in a couple nails. For now, here is a picture of our living room with our humble Christmas tree.

5. There’s more, but I’ve been working on this post for a week so I am going to post it before I am adding Keadryn’s Sweet Sixteen party to the end. Merry week-of-Christmas everyone! I hope that you are enjoying family, and cooler weather and all things winter in our stead!

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