blooming photogs

When we were getting ready to move a dear friend gave us a very generous going away gift of an ipad. How awesome, right? We are so thankful and it was the perfect gift for our family-on-the-move. I love that there is an app for just about everything. I love that we can watch PBS shows so very far from home. I love that when we go to the big city and have to do a big shop there is something that keeps little girls occupied while I sort through 500 types of plain yogurt.  However, my favorite feature of the ipad is the camera. I love seeing the random things that Kead and Sayla think the take pictures of!

Tonight I plugged in the ipad (after several months of just syncing and updating apps through that cloud-thingy) and it started downloading all the pictures from the last several months. I was giggling SO much looking at the world through their eyes. Here are some of my faves:

The girls have obviously figured out the “special effects” buttons:

And here is a sequence where Sayla caught Keadryn red-handed trying to pick up Evie (Which Evie hates and I tell the girls not to do at least 5 times an hour :

Seriously there were at least a hundred self portraits of this little ham:

I am not exageraing when I say I have no clue how they even made these. My favorite has to be the “Doc Hudson/Sayla Tummy!” or maybe it is the “Minnie/Crying Evie”

So- if you want to be seriously amused, give your child your device for a day or two and see what kind of goodness they come up with!

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2 Responses to blooming photogs

  1. Carla Ludwig says:

    perhaps the girls can give their “lita” some tips on how to use the iPad! The self-portraits are great! AND…kudos to Sayla for capturing Kead trying to pick up Evie. Evie doesn’t look too frazzled though…..maybe this was prior to her crying her protest!!!

  2. Sara Griffin says:

    This is AWESOME!! Hold on to your camera, Jord – you may have some little hands trying their skills with it soon! We love the iPad in our home, too – the boys love it just as much as the big kids in the house do! :)