first visitors

Friends, I’m going to be honest- we are limping along here! Has it really been five weeks since our friends came to visit? I have been intending to post- but we have been sick.sick.sick. Lots of fevers, lots of coughing, and lots of being exhausted! We are mostly on the mend ( as I type I can hear Say Grace coughing herself to sleep) and slowly re-entering the world.

We had a fantastic visit by two friends, Katie and Corie, from Lubbock at the end of December. They came for two weeks and stayed with us at our house. I love getting to show people around our beloved little country. It is a blessing to experience things with a fresh set of eyes, ears, tastebuds, nostrils (ok, maybe I could do without nostrils in several situations…) and fall deeper in love with this people and land.

Another great thing on this trip was that both the girls love photography so I had two extra people to insist on photo drives, and do weird things like sit down in the middle of a crowded market to get the perfect shot. I loved every minute. That being said, are you ready for the picture overload? This is in no way completely comprehensive of all we did, but here are some hightlights:

Around the old fort in our town:

A trip down the coast:

At the big souq in the capital:

A climb up the dunes:

And a fabulous trip to Global Village in Dubai.

Fun right? Now you should come visit too!

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