Sayla jumps onto the bed, gets right up in Evie’s face and starts to try to pick her up.

Kead (rushing to place her body between Sayla and Evie): Sayla be careful! They are very expensive!


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6 Responses to priceless

  1. Laura H says:

    Keadryn is wise beyond her years! Little children are so very expensive and priceless.

  2. oh no! that is HILARIOUS! ha

  3. p.s. nice save kead…

  4. Kate Seal says:

    Aww too cute, they are very expensive :)

  5. Sara Griffin says:

    Oh my… That is Fab-U-Lous! :D
    Seriously, do you have a quote book laying around for all the Keadrynisms? She’s a riot.

  6. Kristin Beam says:

    Such an awesome little quote! haha…. love it!