Evelyn Kate

Evie joined our family at 12:43 on January 31st, 2011.

We had a wonderful labor and delivery experience! We kept joking that it is the most restful day we have had in awhile. Such a blessing!

…and Evie is doing great! She is eating wonderfully, gave us a great night of rest and has barely cried. I don’t know what her demeanor will end up being, but we are so thankful for a night of rest and an easy entrance into the world!

We are now home all bundled up on this cold, wintery day praising God for His goodness and blessings!

p.s. Keadryn is smitten and hasn’t quit doting on Evie since we brought her home. She is currently sitting on the floor reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” to Evie. I’m loving it!

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12 Responses to Evelyn Kate

  1. Georgia says:

    She’s so beautiful! I’m glad it was such a beautiful experience and that your waiting is over.

    Big congrats!

  2. Jeni says:

    She’s beautiful, Jordan! Congratulations!

  3. love these pictures! glad your day was restful & everyone is healthy and happy! can’t wait to chat!

  4. Steph says:

    Restful? Easy? Wonderful? Sounds amazing!! Congratulations – can’t wait to meet her!!

  5. Sarah K says:

    I love your pictures. She is so so so beautiful. I can’t decide if I think she looks more like Keadryn or Sayla.

  6. Joy says:

    She is just beautiful Jordi, and we are thrilled for Drew and all his ladies.

  7. Kyler says:

    what a beautiful little girl!

  8. kelli says:

    she is BEAUTIFUL. congrats remkes and much love to you all!

  9. Carla Ludwig says:

    I think that she looks like Sayla!!!

  10. Malinda Wieczorek says:

    Congratulations!! She is so adorable! I think having 3 girls is the BEST! ;) I can’t wait to meet her.
    Enjoy every minute!
    Love, Malinda

  11. jennifer says:

    yay for your pics of miss evie! all i had seen so far were brittany’s…i love these!

  12. Peggy Remke says:

    So happy that she is here. It seems like she was already part of the family since we talked about her so much. Can’t wait to actually meet her. Lots of love to all of you. Stay warm