as far as the kids are concerned…

So, kirst has been to visit me in the Middle East four times now. Once she came on a whim for her spring break (back when her and Adam were young marrieds with two incomes and no kids), one time was with (most) of our family for Christmas, once was to help and meet baby Keadryn right after she was born, and now this time. In case you were wondering it is a BIG jump from one tiny baby to 5 kids ages 5 and under. Really big. I am so thankful that both her and Adam had already seen a lot of the tourist sites so that when the kids were hot and whiny and done being in the car we could say “ok- lets head home!” instead of feeling like we had to sqeeze in every last thing.

I think the kids all enjoyed themselves. Here are some things to do with 5 kids that will be appreciated everytime:

1. Go to the beach:

It was seriously hot while the Gentry’s were here so we had to wait for sunset to brave the sand, but the kids loved every minute!

2. Maybe not the most cultural experience, but this little kids play area in the mall was quite the hit!

3. They also loved being in malls for three days straight. Ok, not really…but Dubai is really only one giant mall (especially in the summer). Luckily for us, there are all sorts of fun things for kids to do in the malls:

Like watching ice skating:

And cool fountains:

and Aquariums (Burke was keeping the girls safe from the sharks):

Really though, the days we sat at home and did nothing were the most special for the kids. They were so relaxed and just enjoyed each other. I miss piper toddling into the living room with the baby stroller, and hearing the big kids giggling and playing together.

Yes, it was diffferent, so so different, but it was also a lot of fun!

Oh and one last tip- If the kids aren’t in the mood- don’t ask for a cousin picture:

wait until they are all happy and then snap a picture:

Much better results (although I am sure we will all giggle at the first one in years to come)!

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