a boat ride on the creek

In Dubai, there is a “creek”. I don’t know why it is called a creek because when I think of creek I think of a little stream in the middle of the country. This is not a stream and it is certainly not in the country. ¬†:)

It is a saltwater inlet that runs right through Dubai and its history is actually quite interesting. We love heading down to the creek to watch the boats with the kids. There are a lot of party boats and floating restaurant boats that trull the creek at night. Plus ¬†there are crazy multi million dollar yatchs to remind you that you are in Dubai, which is fun. Usually you can find a party boat that didn’t get booked for the night and in an interest to make a couple extra bucks, they will take you on a little cruise up and down the creek. When we have a big enough group to split the cost, it is always a fun treat.

I know I mentioned that Kirst’s family was in town, but did I mention that we had some Lubbock friends here too? Four friends from the LBK decided to visit us on their summer break. Good friends plus lots of extra hands to help with the kids? Yes, please.

It was a really fun way to spend an evening and if you are ever in Dubai I think it is a fun way to see some of the sights. (It’s not really that expensive…under 50 bucks- but much much cheaper if you are splitting it 13 ways.) Oh, and just to warn you (you know, in case you’re planning a trip to Dubai…) it is crazy humid and hot…unless you go in the winter months. That would be glorious!

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