a day in istanbul

We have Turkish Airlines to thank for my little birthday trip this summer. Drew found some amazing Ramadan deals from Dubai to Prague with a layover in Istanbul. We opted for a 24 hour layover and didn’t waist a minute in seeing as much of the city as we could in a day! It was a beautiful city and the stop over surely did one thing: made me want to go back for a longer visit!

Here is some of what we crammed into the 24 hours:

Little cafes with delicious food were a top priority. (Please tell me you also plan vacations around meal times and trying new foods…)

The Blue Mosque:

The Hagia Sophia:

Thousands of people breaking the Ramadan fast at the Hippodrome in front of the Blue Mosque was quite the sight. And so tasty.

The Grand Bazaar:

And lots of walking the streets, taking in the sights and sounds and smells:

Beautiful, right? I loved every minute (and actually turned 30 there!) and was so thankful for the extra bonus of getting to spend a day in this city! Now don’t you want to go back with me?

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