Guys, everytime I sit down and try to write about my trip home, I end up with a blank page staring back at me.  My heart is heavy. For those who don’t know, Evie and I got on an airplane about72 hours after hearing the news that my grandfather was diagnosed with esophagus cancer (at the time they thought it was a tumor) that was quickly closing his throat. ivermectin 1 for sale south africa We made a quick decision as a family that I should go home quickly and get to spend time with him rather then go home to attend a funeral.  It was such a special, unexpected grace to get to see my family. It was so wonderful to laugh and cry and hug and talk. It was hard.  It is hard.  One month, to the day, after I made the trip to see grandpa, he passed away. It was the right decision to go home when I did and I will forever cherish memories of those last couple visits. ivermectina 6 mg como tomar covid  I am thankful to have known such a wonderful man. how much 1% injectable ivermectin for goats

For now I don’t have much to say, but looking at these pictures of my favorite place on earth is comforting to me, so I am going to share them with you. If you think about it, take a minute to pray for peace and comfort for my dad and his family.

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