Sometimes I see a picture like this and I get a tight feeling in my chest. Time has rushed by and, all of a sudden, I see two beautiful girls. My babies are gone; they are kids. My heart swells as I study them. Their expressions, their body language, even Kead’s “peace sign” that she picked up from school make me feel so proud and panicky at the same time. I love them so. It’s going too fast.

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6 Responses to sometimes

  1. Laura says:

    Were you peering into my brain? It is going way to fast, gah… our babies are almost 2!

  2. Jeni says:

    I love how you said it “proud and panicky at the same time” I feel the same way!

  3. Carla Ludwig says:

    they grow up so fast….I miss them so much!!!

  4. Nick says:

    Photos like this give me the tight feeling in my chest and tears in my eyes :)

    Love you Guy and Girls!

  5. Uncle Bef says:

    Nick showed me this by saying “How are your tear ducts?”. Man, I miss you guys. A LOT.

  6. kirstin says:

    Love your girls, love you, feel the same way about my kids. I love/hate it that they’re getting bigger. It’s so fun, and yet so tricky knowing that the rest of it will go this fast (or faster!) as well. We’ll blink and they’ll be in college, you know that, right?
    Give those big girlies and smooch for us.