a good day.

Has it really been a month since we did a visa hop? I guess it has, the months are flying by! While we wait patiently ¬†for our residence visas, we have visas that last one month. That means that every 30 days, we hop in the car drive across the border, exit one country and enter another thus renewing our visas. It’s kind of a complicated process and it is made more confusing by the fact that the two countries decided to place their borders 30 miles from each other. We have to go to both borders in order to exit and enter both countries. The whole thing in theory is a three hour process. In theory. We, however usually take the opportunity to go into the town across the border that has things like grocery stores, and starbucks, and a zoo, and parks, and grass…so for us it usually takes a whole day.

This month we got some guest passes from a friend to go to the pool at the Hilton. It was glory.

The girls LOVED both the kiddy pool and the big pool (with a slide!)

The hotel wasn’t at all crowded (and the weather was per.fect.).

And best of all, the girls were all getting along and in wonderful moods. What a grace it is to have days like this!

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  1. The Kowal says:

    Jordan I love your blog/website and all the pictures, you’re such a great photographer — do you do much or any editing? I am falling hard and fast for picture taking and trying to learn as much as I can. If you do edit what program do you use? Also, can we come visit!? Reading through your posts makes me itch to GO! I’m glad Keadryn is doing better and that everyone is adjusting well. Y’all are such an incredible encouragement to us. Miss seeing you guys and tell the Mc G’s we say, “howdy” from west texas! Keep posting I love watching the girls grow and all the different adventures. — A