We have had a horrible haze sitting in the air for over a week now. It is windy, dusty, and hasn’t rained in a looong time. Wait…this sounds like another town we have lived in…we can really pick ’em. Anyway, people are walking with their heads low and turbans wrapped around their faces and staying inside. These guys found a nice shelter out of the wind and dust.

Don’t you just love this picture? I didn’t take it, Drew did. Way to go, Drew!

Hoping the dust settles soon.

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3 Responses to haze

  1. Mesha says:

    Hi, came across your blog and was shock to see the name Keadryn. My son name is Keadrin and he’s eight. Was happy to see the name again! Love your blog!

  2. Carla Ludwig says:

    Yes…way to go, Drew!

  3. steph says:

    That is sooo funny you took this pic. I have been wanting to take one of these for ages! I LOVE the little hut/roadstop surrounded by these MASSIVE machines with guys sitting inside (=