beach camping

Last week we finally got to take our camping trip that we were suppose to take in january, but it was postponed because we all got sick.

We went with friends and they are camping experts and have tons of gear.  They have quite the setup with a table, shades, a multi-room tent, they even have a camping porta-potty. We looked like such rookies! We had two tents (we borrowed one from Chase and Britt). Keadryn and Sayla shared a tent and me, Evie and Drew shared the other one. It worked out pretty good.  I was a bit nervous about how Evie would do in a tent, but she did great! She did wake up right at first light (which was about 5:30…) but she also went to sleep right at dark (about 7:15). The waves worked as perfect white noise.

Evie was also covered in sand the entire weekend…and I mean covered. It was in her hair, on her face, in her diaper, in every tiny fold of skin and all over her face. Covered. It made re-applying sunscreen a challenge, but my choices were to strap her into her car seat and let her scream, or let her be covered in sand. :) I chose sand.

The older girls also had a blast. They are such water babies and turning into beach bums. :) I think Keadryn was in the water 90% of the time. Sayla had a run-in with a big wave and was a bit leery of the ocean for a bit, but by the end of the trip she was right there with Keadryn again loving every minute in the water.

Drew got to steal away and go snorkeling for a bit and said it was beautiful. We just ordered an underwater camera, so hopefully next time there will be some pics of that!

Speaking of cameras, I was super stressed out about getting sand in my camera, so I only took it out of the car a few times.   There aren’t many “action shots” of the weekend…but I did have a very relaxing photo walk one evening.

I loved all the moss on the rocks at low tide…there were also a ton of crabs peaking out from the moss, but they were pretty skittish and I didn’t get a decent picture.

All in all it was a great (free!) getaway and we will definitely be doing it again!

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