granny’s visit: around town

If you are a friend on facebook you know that Granny (Drew’s mom) has been here for the past week.  It was such a blessing to have her here: doting on the girls, spending some time together, and seeing where we live.  She left a couple days ago and saying goodbye was very hard. Number one most sucky thing about living here is, for certain, the distance.

BUT we are thankful (so, so thankful) for any time we get with loved ones- so keep those visits coming!

Granny brought an entire suitcase of surprises for us and brilliantly decided to give them to the girls a little bit at a time. Everyday the girls had a fun little gift or something fun to make with Granny. They loved it and both said it was their favorite part of her trip.

Granny said her favorite day was when we went took her to an Oasis about 30 minutes from town. The drive to the Oasis is pretty desolate and brown:

But it shows the dramatic difference at the oasis and really make you feel like you are in some tropical paradise. :)

We also got to decorate eggs one afternoon:

Showed Granny around the old ruins:

But mostly just spent time together. Playing games, snuggling babies, eating meals, reading books, taking baths…you know the regular day stuff. It was so great to let Granny get a peak of our daily life and I think it helped her to know a little bit about where we live.

Next up: Showing Granny around Dubai!

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3 Responses to granny’s visit: around town

  1. Georgia says:

    What great pictures and it looks like it was such a great picture! I’m so glad for you!

  2. Georgia says:

    Um… i was multi tasking. i MEANT to say it looks like it was such a great VISIT. Duhr.

  3. roxanne says:

    HI- just stalked you in the blog-o-sphere- met some friends of yours- Chase adn britt- they taked about you all and wish we would have gotten a chance to meet you. Your family is beautiful and if you are in East Africa look us up:) I love the photos on yoru blog too- amazing photogrpaher! Blessings adn greetings from us!