Mr. Hashel

Drew met Hashel last time we lived here. I love this guy and his family. He is super hospitable and always asks us to bring people to his house and farm in a village 20 minutes outside our town. It is a wonderful cultural experience for visitors. You know how there are some people that just seem All-American? Well, that’s Hashel…expect he is All-Omani. :) He works at the Ministry of Culture. He lives in a village with his family…all 47 of them. (This includes his parents, his brothers, their wives and all 19 grandkids). He does the call to prayer at his neighborhood mosque. He has a date farm. He has bees and sells their honey. He has lots of animals on his farm and, of course, he raises camels. Last week we took 17 of our closest friends out to see Hashel. It was an adventure.

We told him before hand to just meet us at the farm so that he didn’t feel obligated to serve us food, coffee, tea, dates, fruit etc. (There were 19 of us, after all) He said ok, but then as we were on our way out there he called and said to just come to his house.
After eating some amazing food and getting a true cultural experience (The only difference being that this is the only house I have ever been hosted in the same room as Drew. The women of the house never join us as we are in mixed company) We headed out to see the farm. By the time we got out there the light was quickly fading, so I only got pictures of the camels. but oh what fun camels they were.

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